About us

We are a small friendly group!

Join us at Mary's Community Centre, Upper Street, London N1 2TX on Thursdays at 12 noon - 2 pm


Enjoy a light lunch with friendly conversation, word and picture games, exercise, interesting talks, occasional visits to museums, the pub and outdoor places

Carers welcome

Carers enjoy our lunches too

Wheelchair friendly

Accessible with lots of space for wheelchairs - Community transport may be available

Latest Posts

We enjoyed lunch at The Vineyard while Mary’s Community Centre hosted children’s half-term activities. Thank you to very helpful staff at The Vineyard.

Lunch at The Vineyard October 2018

Thank you to Islington Tribune for reporting our summer visit to Freightliners Farm

A few of us braved the hot weather to enjoy lunch in a shady spot under the trees at Freightliners Farm

At Freightliners Farm July 2018

Thank you to Islington Tribune for reporting on our visit to Islington Museum